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Yann Audic

Yann Audic

Yann is a real esthete. His images show a 360° visual culture, his visual language goes hand in hand with his open-mindedness, as well as his textual language, that proves a true knowledge of books. Yann seems like he’s a typical Parisian but it would be a huge mistake to stop at that aspect of his person, that wonderfully covers his tracks. Yann comes from Brittany, was adopted by Paris, and is married to an adorable Japanese woman. He takes pictures of people, architecture, landscapes, and he’s the co-editor of JeanMarie magazine. With his perfect command of photographical techniques, he works with a film camera for his personal work, and for all the images brought back from Japan for this book.

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Frankie & Nikki

Frankie & Nikki know how to catch the essence of what’s around them. The singularity of their framing reveals the universal, and even the extraordinary of ordinary subjects.

For us, they unveil places and portraits sometimes rejected for their banality. The reality they show us is the one we don’t usually care about. It’s a scoop of ice cream on the sidewalk, an abandoned swimming pool, a funny looking pink building.

Frankie and Nikki are storytellers, the stories that make life, that keep us alive, and that demonstrate their time.

This girl is Frankie. She started out capturing the faces of guests on a radio show. A film camera later, she runs into the guy below who takes her to his visual madness and hires her for a million dollars.

This guy is Nikki. After trying on the boards, he goes through the script, framing, editing, directing and photographing phases. A film camera later, he runs into the girl above, who takes him to her visual madness and hires him for a million dollars.

This pair shows us their souvenirs, their fantasies, and what beauty looks like to them.

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Théo Gosselin

Théo Gosselin's photos celebrate love, friendship, life, the wind in the American plains and journeys, afar and within. Uninhibited and unbridled, each shot captures the spontaneity of his freewheeling generation ; a generation with a thirst for life driven by music and insouciance. Théo captures everyday situations with an astonishing sincerity, a dreamlike gaze and cinématic depth. Théo's pictures are taken with his eyes and with his heart. Born near Le Havre in Normandy in 1990, Théo Gosselin began taking photos in 2009. Having gained recognition rapidly, he now roams between France and the great open spaces of America and beyond.

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Maud Chalard

Maud Chalard's universe is of mist, wood and lovers in the dawn. Her photographs draw your curiosity like light from a half-open window ; swinging between sweetness and raw truth, taking you into a confidence, revealing shared moments and all-consuming love. Maud captures intimacy with great truthfulness, exposing the naked beauty of life and revealing the poetry in the landscapes and places she passes through.

Maud Chalard was born in Charente in 1989 and has been a photographer since 2011. Through her work, she casts a tender and artistic eye over her relationship with her partner, Théo Gosselin, and their world.

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Jean-Christophe Polien

Jean-Christophe Polien's landscape photography has a timeless quality. His fascination for neglected and abandoned places questions our relationships with nature and man-made constructions.

His images are charged with emotion transporting us into his imaginary world, his own internal puzzle.

As a photographer, Jean-Christophe Polien nurtures simplicity. His regular contributions in the press (Le Monde, l’Humanité, The Times, Rolling Stone, Rock & Folk, Jalouse…) and his portraits of musicians, writers and unidentified subjects gazing openly at the camera reveal the many different facets of his work.